Burkina Faso government, coup leaders sign truce

    Burkina Faso government, coup leaders sign truce

    Sept.23, Ouagadougou: Coup leaders in Burkina Faso have agreed to return to their barracks and said they would restore the deposed president to power.

    They have signed a deal with the army that apparently defuses a tense standoff sparked by last week's coup.

    This came after the marathon talks in Nigeria, where West African heads of state had sought to break the impasse fuelled by angry threats on both sides.

    The deal was signed a day after troops entered Burkina's capital of Ouagadougou, turning up the pressure on the elite presidential guards (RSP), who staged the coup.

    Under its terms, the RSP agreed to step down from the positions they had taken up in Ouagadougou, while the army also agreed to withdraw its troops 50km from the capital and guarantee the safety of the RSP members as well as their families.

    The deal was presented to the Mogho Naba, or "king" of Burkina Faso's leading Mossi tribe, in front of the media early Wednesday.
    The Oslo Times


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