Broken Arrow through my Alpha-Male Heart

    1480168286208.jpg By Moeen Raoof
    Broken Arrow through my Alpha-Male Heart

    Nov 26,Oslo: B***ch, YoHo, Hey Puto, look at that B***ch crying, suck my …… B***ch, gonna make you my B***ch, no, these are not Muslim Men abusing their women, but men in the West talking to and about fellow men on playgrounds, in movies and everyday environments. Is it any wonder there is a crisis of masculinity in the West, the Bible is being watered down to meet this feminization of society agenda, Church Pews are increasingly empty on Sundays as a direct result.

    Many of us Alpha-Males remember John Travolta in the 1996 Action Thriller, Broken Arrow, about the theft of Nuclear Weapons, we all watched the Movie comfortable in the knowledge that Mr. Travolta was a Hetero-sexual Alpha-Male who represented the Action-man in all of us “real-Men.” Oh how wrong we were then, but not the first time. In the 1980’s there on our TV screens,British Musicians George Michael of WHAM fame, and the brilliant but very Gay, Boy George of Culture Club fame. Was it just me or did we think these guys were straight, don’t I feel the male Puto now.

    This is not about Travolta, Michael and George being Gay, but the fact that they were portrayed as Hetero Males, playing on the psyche of Alpha-Males everywhere, the betrayal of our image of real men. Unfortunately, this scenario is being played out across the West every day.

    Donald Trump did not get elected the 45the President of the United States because he was nasty, but because he displayed a male-centric misogyny of a by-gone era that women yearn or miss in the modern 21st Century Male. Not that women want their men nasty, but really miss the proactive, decisive, take-charge rhetoric, even in the knowledge that most of President-elect Donald Trumps’ promises are not deliverable nor realistic, but his manliness was on display, no matter how crude, and crude it was.

    Christianity is on a feminization journey in the West, men being more considerate to the needs of women, and as a result, less desirable as they are too ‘girlie,’ to be partners or husbands, this has resulted in European men importing “wives,” from Eastern Europe and the Far East, while Western Women are increasingly opting for the One-night Stand or temporary male-friend who is available to accompany them to weddings, funerals and parties, as well as scratching an itch or two when summoned.

    Children, especially boys as young as 2 or 3 years old are being encouraged to look into and/or seek Gender reassignment, Commissioned male Officers of the Elite British Parachute Regiment are allowed Gender reassignment surgery and reinstated as female Officers in the same Army and Regiments (pic below), husbands across the West are discovering their homosexuality after having 2 or 3 children, now with two mothers and no male-role models in the family.

    Universities and elite institutions are now increasingly socially acceptable playgrounds for men and women when experimenting with their own genders, trying to decide what their sexual preferences are going forward into adulthood and beyond. And now, these social oddities are being emulated by emerging economies, particularly in India where it is common for middle class couples to arrive at a party and throw their car keys in a designated pot, where it is really “pot luck,” the type of fellow or gal one ends up with during the steamy part of the social evening while sipping Cocktails.

    Men are taking on the roles of women, and women the roles of men, look at the Far Right Groups in Europe, their leaders are somewhat convoluted. The leader of the French Far Right National Front, Marine Le Pen is so masculine, it is said she hires and fires men at alarming frequencies because they do not measure up to her “Right-centric” ideals. Then there is Geert Wilders, the Dutch Far Right leader of Party for Freedom, also known as ‘Mozart,’ and ‘Captain Peroxide,’ due to his feminine, flamboyant platinum blond hairstyle, described as “the most famous bleach-blond since Marilyn Monroe.”

    No wonder men feel the need to go to war, illegal or not, just to prove there are still real men out there, it is no accident that returning Soldiers are called “Heroes,” when the real heroes are the those who stayed at home and looked after their own rather than get on a plane to a place far away just to kill people they have never met. Women need, make that demand that there are still real men in the world they can depend on for security, yet seek equality while secretly hoping their rough, tough Latin-type male will come and rescue them from their drab, boring romance-less lives while at the same time seeking a more feminine-centric male in their brothers and men around them.

    There is another reason for the dramatic or it can be argued in some camps, shock election of Donald Trump, the popularity of Geert Wilders of the Netherlands’, and the fans of George Michael formerly of WHAM, “Hair,” specifically feminine hairstyles. Women love these men, because women can relate to these ‘Men,’ since they know the long hours it takes to sit in a Hair Salon in order to achieve those elaborate styles, time enough to gossip, sorry, gather and share intelligence, and to look good at the end, kudos.

    Like most men, I walk into a Barber shop, not hairdresser salon, wait for about 10-minutes, sit on the chair and ask for a No-2, no, not the bowel movement, but a No-2 cut, similar to a Military Crew-cut, over in less than 10-minutes, total visit time, 20-minutes in and out. 

    Back to John Travolta and that Broken Arrow through my Alpha-Male heart, why is Hollywood not honest about its male leads, what is really going on, do these leads have to be gay to get a lead role, I would have no objections to John Travolta playing Esmeralda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, or Maria in West Side Story, those are the roles more suited to his abilities.

    Here is my Question, who controls Hollywood and who calls the shots, I want, no, I demand that a male character in a lead role of an action thriller be hetero-sexual, not Gay, that is just what I like, that’s all folks.
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