Toby's Tails - The Christmas Kittens

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    Susan Keefe

    Author's Name: Susan Keefe

    About Author: Susan Keefe was born in Essex, England but she now lives in France where she writes her children’s books. Her stories offer a wealth of information about family pets and the natural world, and they are usually centered around her Border Collie, Toby, and all the other animals at her smallholding. Read More


    Publisher: Create Space

    Price: 11.99

    Page: 54

    When Toby’s owners rescue three little kittens they quickly discover how rewarding, yet mischievous they can be.

    Follow the kittens’ progress as they have their first visit to the vets.

    Discover how they gain confidence, and explore their world, under the watchful eye of Toby, the Border Collie. Then join the kittens and Toby as they celebrate their first Christmas at Fantasy Farm, and discover the fun and games which take place when you have a kitten, or three in the house.

    10% of the profit of each book sold will be donated to Hélianthus, an animal charity based in Pre-en-Pail, France. Oslo 

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