The Surgeon's Son

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    Catherine Rose Putsche

    Author's Name: Catherine Rose Putsche

    About Author: Catherine Rose Putsche is a British author, a book reviewer, and successful book blogger who teaches ESL in Austria. Originally from the North of England where she graduated in software engineering, her books include, Addicted to Greed and A Saved Soul. Her latest book, The SurgeonĀ“s Son is now available worldwide. She is currently writing her fourth book, Living Captive. Read More


    Publisher: Create Space

    Price: US$14.88

    Page: 411

    Rating: (4 out of 5)

    The Surgeon’s Son tells the story of four teenage girls who suddenly go missing without a trace in various locations in the North and the East of England. One of these girls, Gracie Peterson, is found alive in a small wooden box on an abandoned industrial estate. Her injuries are so gruesome even the paramedics cringe in anticipation whilst trying to free her. Detective Inspector Marty Bride and his specialist team of detectives become chillingly aware there is a brutal serial killer on the loose who enjoys leaving them clues to his real identity. 

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