The Red Wrath- A Journey Between two destinations

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    Hatef Mokhtar

    Author's Name: Hatef Mokhtar

    About Author: The Author is an Afghan Born Activist, author and the Editor-in-Chief of the Oslo Times International News Network. Read More


    Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co, LLC

    Price: 23.15

    Page: 474

    Rating: (5 out of 5)

    The Red Wrath: A Journey between Two Destinies is the story of young boy who lives in Afghanistan in the 1970s.

    But this intense novel goes much deeper than that. Author Hatef Mokhtar ponders the nature of separation and why it can sometimes feel so cruel. But is separation really cruel or can it teach us something? Is separation the true test of feelings?

    Perhaps separation is a true friend, and through it we can hold on to our memories by filling different corners of our heart with those we have loved and lost. After all, what is it that we take with us when we die except for memories? Set against a turbulent time in Afghanistan’s troubled history, the story of young Asif, who must leave behind his homeland and ultimately his family to find a life of his own, is a timeless story that explores the unive

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