Bones of new human-like species discovered in S Africa: Study

    Bones of new human-like species discovered in S Africa: Study

    Sept.10, Magaliesburg: Scientists said that they have discovered a new human-like species in a burial chamber deep in a cave system in South Africa.

    The creature shows a surprising mix of human-like and more primitive characteristics — some experts called it "bizarre" and "weird.

    The bones were found by a spelunker, about 48 kilometers northwest of Johannesburg, Africa. The site has yielded some 1,550 specimens since its discovery in 2013. The fossils represent at least 15 individuals.

    The researchers claim that the discovery will change ideas about our human ancestors.

    The studies which have been published in the journal Elife also indicate that these individuals were capable of ritual behaviour.

    The species, which has been named naledi, has been classified in the grouping, or genus, Homo, to which modern humans belong.

    The researchers who made the find have not been able to find out how long ago these creatures lived - but the scientist who led the team, Prof Lee Berger, that he believed they could be among the first of our kind (genus Homo) and could have lived in Africa up to three million years ago, BBC news reported.

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