Belgium detains six in connection with foiled train attack

    Belgium detains six in connection with foiled train attack

    June 20, Brussels: Six people have been detained in Belgium in connection with foiled attack on a Thalys express train to France in 2015.

    The Federal Prosecutor's Office said six houses in the greater Brussels area were searched in the operation. An investigating judge would decide later in the day whether the people taken in for questioning should remain in custody, the office said.

    According to Belgian authorizes, no arms or explosives were found and the prosecutor's office said no further information would be made public about the six people detained or the items seized in the police searches.

    In August 2015, a man on a Thalys train that had just crossed into France from Belgium tried to open fire with an assault rifle but was overpowered by three Americans, two of them off-duty members of the U.S. armed forces. French police termed it an Islamic extremist attack, but the gunman, Ayoub El Khazzani, maintained he wanted to commit robbery.

    Prime Minister Charles Michel said the nation would remain "extremely vigilant, hour by hour," and that the terror level across the country would remain at the second-highest level, meaning a threat of an attack "is possible and likely."

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