Belgium: Police strike halts Brussels airport reopening

    Belgium: Police strike halts Brussels airport reopening

    April 1, Brussles: Plans to partially reopen Brussels airport on Friday evening have been halted amid a strike by airport police over security concerns.

    The Zaventem facility has been closed since a twin suicide bomb attack on the departures hall on 22 March. The SLFP police union told the BBC that security measures put in place for the reopening were insufficient, BBC news reported.

    So-called Islamic State (IS) said it carried out bombings of the airport and metro system that killed 32 people.

    Vincent Gilles, the president of the SLFP, the largest police union in Belgium, said: "We are on strike because of what happened on 22 March - we cannot continue as if this day has not happened.

    "The police feel the security measures put in place by the airport company are insufficient for those who work and use the airport."

    He says metal detectors, body scanners and x-ray machines should be set up to screen people before they are allowed into terminals.

    The authorities have so far rejected this, arguing that such checks would create new queues outside the buildings, leading to fresh security risks.

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