Behind Egyptian Bars

    1464159053295.jpg By Zizo Abdo
    Behind Egyptian Bars

    May 25, Cairo: " May we all stay as strong and fearless of saying the truth next year and all the years follows "

    That's what my cell mates told me with great enthusiasm wishing me a happy birthday, and celebrating a new year added to my account in this life .

    Today I passed another year of the third decade of my life, inside one of the Egyptian crowded cells .

    I was arrested on the evening of 5/5/2016 from the street, I was then sentenced to 15 days on the pending of a case against me charging me of demonstrating and promoting demonstrations !

    I was then given another 15 days for further investigations, and God only knows for how long I will stay here.

    My cell mates surprised me with a small celebration and a cake! an honest congratulation with a modest celebration made from the most simple supplies you can ever imagine; meant the world to me .

    I start my new year with one wish; a mirror.I do want to check how do I look with all the new white hairs that invaded my head .

    Have I forgotten or am I pretending to forget that I am running out of time ?

    I have always run from the question “ how old are you “not out of shame, though; it was rather an attempt to overcome the truth that I haven't reached my goals yet .

    I love life, I would have lived it much better if I had the chance to.

    I didn't get my share of this life yet, and I didn't really look for it too. The appreciation in the eyes of the people around me whenever I tried to cheer or console them; was enough for me .

    All the love and support I got was a reason for my deep gratitude to God.

    I can't sleep anymore ever since I was arrested ! I am that kind of person who can't read, write, or sleep in crowded places; especially if we were 48 guys in a cell 4*8 meters.

    There is literally no fist hand size space here; that's why I sit every day waiting for the other 47 cell mates to sleep ;in order to get an hour or two of privacy; The only space available is three spans in front of the restroom .

    I sit there to read the letters, and newspapers I got, and to write whatever that occurs to my mind . Habits of normal life are like a virus in the deadly prison environment.

    I write to you on a full moon night, I can see the moon with a great difficulty behind the iron bars, but I can still see it up there .

    I write to you while a cry burst out from the cell next door " Help Us God " just before dawn .

    I look at my cell mates with a bitter smile on my face, what have they ever done to sleep like rabbits on the floor ?

    Can you imagine a 48 guy sleeping in such a small space ? everybody's feet is above everybody's faces, after all, we only got one span, one fist space, and there is nothing we can do about it to sleep better .

    Try to measure it with your hand, one span, one fist space; that's all we ;political prisoners; have .

    The Oslo Times


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