Bashar as Syrian President has failed to bring democracy and freedom in Syria – Turkish Labor Minister Faruk Celik

    Bashar as Syrian President has failed to bring democracy and freedom in Syria – Turkish Labor Minister Faruk Celik

    Thursday 11 April, 2013 – THE OSLO TIMES EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS –

    (L) Turkish Minister of Labor and Social Justice in an exclusive session with The Oslo Times Editor in Chief Mr. Hatef Mokhtar (R).

    The conference of the 9th European Regional Meeting of ILO progressed into its 3 consecutive day in the vibrant Nordic city of Oslo, Norway.

    This provided the opportunity for an encounter between The Oslo Times Editor in Chief, Mr. Hatef Mokhtar, and the honorable Minister of Labor and Social Justice of Turkey, Mr. Faruk Celik; the latter has been leading the Turkish representation at the ILO conference, to which The Oslo Times is also a media partner, with Mr. Mokhtar as main lead.

    The two officials met during the session where Mr. Celik discussed various issues pertaining to peace and human rights causes where Turkey has been an influential nation, especially in containing peace in the Middle-East.

    Mr. Celik affirmed that Turkey has always cherished its heritage in conserving the values of human rights and promoting them to its people and to other countries. Turkey proudly stands as a democratic nation which guarantees all fundamental rights to every citizen and to those who seek shelter in it.

    When asked about the position of Turkey on the Syrian crisis, Mr. Celik was very clear and critical about what is happening in Syria, with whom his country shares a long border that has become a major focal point in attracting refugees from all across Syria amid the civil war that has torn apart their historical nation.

    He mentioned that over 200,000 Syrian refugees live in Turkey and the government has devoted a sum of nearly 500 million dollars to support their development and rehabilitation programs through humanitarian assistance.

    Additionally, the Turkish Minister explained that Bashar’s regime has failed the people and ruined the entire nation to rubble. Assad, as Syrian President, has been unsuccessful in bringing democracy, freedom and equality in the country and in the national political structure.

    Mr. Mokhtar asked about the role of Turkey as a major NATO ally in Afghanistan, to which the honourable Labour Minister responded frankly and in a rights perceptive vision: he pointed out that Turkey and Afghanistan share a long history and have always enjoyed extended cooperation in almost every area of key strategic importance.

    Turkey supports the government of Afghanistan and the Afghan people in their fight against extremism and drug abuse and is currently assisting them in promoting peace and harmony in the Afghan society.

    As a nation, Turkey is working towards bringing Afghanistan to political stability by encouraging democracy and prosperity in the system through education by setting up many schools and institutions where Afghan children can learn the path to the progress of their country that has been ravaged by war.

    Turkey will continue to support the Afghan efforts in making their country a prosperous and economically stable one.

    The interview with the honourable minister will be published on the website in few days.

    Stay tuned with The Oslo Times.


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