Author Khaled Talib's much awaited thriller 'Incognito' to be released in 2017

    Author Khaled Talib's much awaited thriller 'Incognito' to be released in 2017

    Sept 17, Oslo: Who would have thought amid all the religious thriller novels out there, there could still be room for an original idea?INCOGNITO, an upcoming international thriller by Khaled Talib, is such a novel. It will be released some time in 2017 as part of World Castle Publishing’s thriller line.

    Set in Switzerland and Italy with action scenes in several other countries, protagonist Ayden Tanner, a former British SAS commando, is dispatched with a small team by the global hacker group, Anonymous, to find the Pope, whose absence is raising questions and speculations. Tanner must rely on his survival skills against lethal assassins as he darts into the hidden and unseen worlds of questionable agendas and sinister plans.

    Packed with action, intrigue, political and religious drama, the storyline also draws a variety of inspirations from the European migrant crisis and the continent’s edgy relationship with the Muslim world. But don’t expect the current conventional yarn as INCOGNITO tells an insightful yet sly tale of deception to drive the story forward into a vicious truth.

    “INCOGNITO is a humdinger of a story. The author’s secret formula is injecting a well-researched and well-plotted story, characterization and pacing that will leave readers with a jolting surprise,” said Karen Fuller, publisher of World Castle Publishing.INCOGNITO contains elements that will appeal to all thriller fans.

    The novel will be available in both trade paperback and electronic editions. It can also be purchased online through major booksellers as well as though the World Castle Publishing’s virtual book shop.

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