Australia's prime minister Abbott faces leadership challenge

    Australia's prime minister Abbott faces leadership challenge

    Sept.14, Canberra: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is facing challenges as leader of the country’s ruling Liberal Party, after some in his party members were seeking his ouster.

    Malcolm Turnbull asked the Prime Minister for a leadership ballot, bringing to a head month of poor polling and internal division.

    Former communication minister Turnbull said, “We need a different style of leadership.”

    He said, "We have to make a change for our party's sake, for our country's sake." He also called for a leadership ballot as he stepped down from the Cabinet. It is clear enough that the government is not successful in providing the economic leadership that we need,” Turnbull told a media conference in Canberra on Monday.

    Abbott in February defeated an earlier challenge to his leadership brought by rebel conservative lawmakers, by 61 votes to 39.

    Abbott has been under mounting pressure, with many in his coalition seeing his personal unpopularity as a drain on its electoral fortunes. The economy’s poor performance over the past couple of years has made it hard for the government to argue that it has done a good job.

    "My job is to do what the public elected me to do two years ago and that is to govern effectively every day for three years and then submit myself to the judgment of the people," Abbott said.

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