Attack on Nigerian mosque kills 30

    Attack on Nigerian mosque kills 30

    Oct.16, Ankara: Suicide bombers in Nigeria have killed at least 30 people while people were praying. The death toll is expected to rise much higher.
    There were two suicide bomb attacks on a mosque in the Mulai area of Nigeria's northeastern Borno State on Thursday night.

    So far there are no claims of responsibility for the attack, but is suspected to be Boko Haram armed groups, which had launched a large number of suicide attacks in region over the past few months.

    On Wednesday, three blasts in Borno's capital Maiduguri killed at least five civilians and three suspected suicide bombers after the attackers were challenged by locals.

    On September 20, at least 117 were killed in the city when attackers hit a mosque and killed football fans watching a televised match, as well as bystanders.

    The Oslo Times


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