At least 50 people killed in Mexico prison riot

    At least 50 people killed in Mexico prison riot

    Feb 11, Mexico City: Dozens of people have been killed in a riot at a prison in northeastern Mexico, local media said.

    Milenio TV reported that at least 50 people died after a riot broke out in the early hours of Thursday local time in the prison of Topo Chico, in the state of Nuevo Leon.

    TV images showed police vehicles patrolling the streets near the prison.

    Milenio reported that relatives who visited prisoners in the jail had heard gunshots and said that a blaze had broken out.

    They also said that they had seen inmates with burns and that authorities were hunting for escapees.

    The number killed in the riot has not yet been confirmed by security officials.

    The Nuevo Leon state government said on Twitter that the situation had been brought under control, but gave no details on what had happened at the prison.

    The casualties included inmates and prison guards, local media said.

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