Apple to pay $350 in Italian tax case

    Apple to pay $350 in Italian tax case

    Dec 30, Rome: Apple Italia has agreed to pay 318 million euros ($350 million) in taxes for several past years following an investigation into tax fraud allegations, authorities have said.

    Italy's tax authorities say the company failed to pay €880m in tax between 2008 and 2013, according to La Repubblica.

    It is also working out a deal to cover future tax liabilities for business it does in the country.

    The case is one of several against global technology companies that use headquarters in low-tax nations like Ireland to avoid paying higher taxes in other countries, like Italy.

    The prosecutors also said Apple and Italy are working to reach an accord on what the company's tax liabilities will be for successive years.

    Apple offices in Milan, London and Ireland were closed on Wednesday. Messages seeking comment weren't immediately answered.

    The Oslo Times


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