Apple starts busy week with new iPhone launch

    Apple starts busy week with new iPhone launch

    March 21, San Francisco: Apple is all set to launch its new iPhone with reporters and analysts at its Silicon Valley headquarters. On Tuesday, its lawyers will square off with authorities in federal court over the FBI's demand for help unlocking a San Bernardino killer's encrypted iPhone.

    The tech giant's dispute with the government has commanded headlines for weeks, but it may get scant mention at the company's product event. Instead, CEO Tim Cook is expected to show off some new additions to the current family of iPhone and iPad devices at Monday's gathering, reports said.

    IPhone sales are levelling off, after surging last year to record levels that made Apple the world's biggest company, by stock market value. And many are wondering if Cook can come up with another big hit.

    So far, however, there have been no hints of any dramatic announcements, such as last year's highly anticipated Apple Watch debut, or major initiatives like the company's long-rumored but yet-to-materialize streaming TV service.

    The Oslo Times


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