EU leaders commit to more shelters for refugees

    EU leaders commit to more shelters for refugees

    Oct.26, Berlin: An emergency summit by European leaders in Brussels on refugee crisis agreed to create another 100,000 spaces in welcome centres.

    Under the deal, Greece will open reception centres with enough room for 30,000 migrants by the end of the year. The heads of 11 EU states and three non-EU countries met to discuss how to handle growing number of migrants on Sunday.

    More than 9,000 migrants arrived in Greece every day last week, the highest rate so far this year.

    The UN's refugee body, the UNHCR, will provide another 20,000 spaces in the same time.

    It will also add reception centres with another 50,000 spaces in Balkan countries, which are the most popular routes north for migrants looking to travel north to Germany and Scandinavia.

    Under the deal leaders also agreed to appoint contact officers who can submit information on migrant numbers to other countries and authorities and send 400 police officers to Slovenia within a week, which has struggled with arrival numbers.

    The Oslo Times


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