Jerusalem bus explosion causes at least 10 casualties

    Jerusalem bus explosion causes at least 10 casualties

    April 18, Jerusalem: An explosion on board a bus in Jerusalem has caused at least 10 casualties, Israeli media reported.

    Police said initial indications were that it was a terrorist attack.

    Television images showed smoke billowing from a bus on Derech Hebron, in south-west Jerusalem. It was not immediately clear if the casualties were killed or wounded.

    According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, quoting an Israeli police spokesperson, the bus was not carrying any passengers when it exploded, and the casualties were apparently people close to the bus.

    Monday’s blast comes amid a wave of Palestinian attacks on Israelis, mostly stabbings, and if confirmed as a terror attack will raise fears of a return to the regular suicide attacks on buses that ravaged Israeli cities a decade ago, local media said.

    The Oslo Times


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