An American MP in Korea

    An American MP in Korea

    Back in 1965, Richard Cezar was drafted into the US military. Trained as a military policeman, he was then shipped to South Korea. Fate had spared him the horrors of a burgeoning war in Vietnam. Even so, he found himself thrust into a different kind of war—one that would shake his core beliefs and cripple his ability to deal with tragic consequences.

    An American MP in Korea invites the the reader on an evocative and riveting journey from military bases in Seoul to the city's seedy underbelly. Through it all, the constant threat from beyond the DMZ is at the back of everyone's mind. 

    This thriller is part fact, part fiction. It comprised an autobiographical account of the author's military life experiences, and includes the story of his relationship with a Korean woman, whom he fell in love with later. There’s also twist in the tale with spies and espionage coming into play. 

    Richard Cezar is the former Vice President of Operations at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. He has written several novels, including MP, a semi-autobiographical novel, and In The Robes of God. he lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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