AFP correspondent attacked in Nigeria

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    AFP correspondent attacked in Nigeria

    Kaduna: Feb-29 Agence France-Presse (AFP) Correspondent in Nigeria based in Kaduna Victor Olasi has been attacked by group of armed men suspected  to be armed robbers in Kaduna Hospital.

    The incident occurred on the eve of valentine 13 February 2016 at a private hospital located at Barnawa  in the state around 9:30 pm.

    The journalist was on admission at the hospital when the suspected armed robbers attacked him.

    His attackers succeeded in robbing him of his car and two phones.

    ' I was on my hospital bed when five men came into the room, when they realized I'm alone they ordered me to hand over my phones and my car keys at gun point" he said.

    Victor's rights hands was swollen because the gunmen hit him with a gun.

    " They hit me with a gun on my right hand and the nurse that came into the room at the time also had her phone seized.

    He has since reported the case to the police.
    it was not yet confirmed if the incidence  had anything to do with his job as a journalist.

    The Oslo Times


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