Afghanistan: Kabul charity hit by bomb and gun attack

    Afghanistan: Kabul charity hit by bomb and gun attack

    Sept.6, Kabul: Gunmen have attacked the office of a charity in the centre of the Afghan capital Kabul. A suicide bomber targeted the humanitarian organisation in the Shar-e-Naw area and gunmen then stormed the building, Tolo News TV reported.

    Police are exchanging fire with the attackers, the report added. Earlier, a series of blasts left at least 24 people dead and nearly 100 others wounded.

    An army general and two senior police officers are among the dead from those attacks, a ministry of defence spokesperson told the BBC.

    The Taliban, who have carried out frequent attacks in Kabul, said they were responsible for the blasts.

    In the latest incident, a police spokesman told the BBC that one person had been killed and six others wounded in the suicide car bomb attack at the gate of the charity Care on Tuesday morning.

    Police rescued 31 people from the building, the spokesman added, and fighting is continuing.

    Traffic was blocked in several parts of the city and schools were closed.

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