AccuWeather expands to China

    AccuWeather expands to China

    Beijing, Feb 22:  AccuWeather, a mobile weather forecast provider, today announced that it is now collaborating with the Chinese government's commercial weather arm to expand the availability of weather information and forecasting operations throughout China.

    "With the new JV, named Huafeng AccuWeather Meteorological Technology (Beijing) Company, Ltd., the company will advance, enhance, share, and distribute weather forecasts with AccuWeather's Superior Accuracy for China.  The Joint Venture is the only company sanctioned under the Meteorological Law of China to distribute a full and detailed set of official weather information and forecasts of the China Meteorological Administration and the unique forecasting techniques and Chinese patents of AccuWeather.  This makes AccuWeather the exclusive weather provider in China, providing more locations and unique forecasts never before available for China including MinuteCast® and longer-range forecast technology," said AccuWeather on Monday.

    AccuWeather has recently also expanded its international presence with multiple new offices and additional resources including India, South Korea, and Japan, in addition to expansion in the U.S. and Canada.  
    Similarly according to the company, to further localize and personalize weather communications, it has added unique global forecasting capabilities and increased its number of forecasting languages this past year.  "AccuWeather provides weather forecasts in over 100 languages and dialects, gathering the best and most comprehensive weather data to deliver global forecasts with Superior Accuracy.  Forecasts are pinpointed for every location on Earth and extend further ahead than any other source.  It has been a leader in weather for over 50 years and is at the forefront of weather innovation, with the #1 mobile weather website in the world," said Steven Smith, President of Digital Media at AccuWeather.  "AccuWeather leads the way in meeting worldwide needs for weather information, working with every major manufacturer of connected devices and offering forecasts for every location on Earth.  No matter where you live and what device you are using, we have the most accurate, most trusted weather information you need to make informed decisions throughout the day."

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