A strong quake strikes Taiwan

    A strong quake strikes Taiwan

    Jan 5, Taipei: A 6.4 magnitude earth quake has struck Taiwan toppling over buildings and killing at least five people on Saturday.
    According to reports, rescue teams have been trying to reach people trapped in the rubble since the magnitude 6.4 quake struck around 04:00 am local time.
    A baby was among the dead when a high-rise residential block collapsed killing the residents inside and injuring approximately 155 people.
    President Ma Ying-jeou promised that an "all-out effort" to rescue people when he arrived in the city. According to the authorities, shelters will be set up for those who have lost their homes.

    Although there doesn’t seem to be much damage at first glance a large number of highrise buildings have been left leaning by the quake making it impossible for people to go back and live inside them.So far, over  220 people have been rescued in the city of 2 million.
    The quake was also felt in the capital Taipei 300 km away and there have since been several aftershocks.

    According to USGS, the 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck at a depth of 23 kilometers which explains the massive shake that was felt across Taiwan. USGS also stated that so far no Tsunami warning has been issued but advisories and watches are in effect.

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