A pillar of oppression crumbles with Rafsanjani’s death

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    A pillar of oppression crumbles with Rafsanjani’s death

    During Tuesday’s burial of Rafsanjani, the Iranian regime’s 4th president (1989-1997), dead at 82, the memory of this founding pillar of the Iranian regime theocracy will be honored, yet, also eternally tarnished for his culpability in terrorist attacks in Berlin and Argentina which on his orders were aimed at silence members of the main coalition group who still today enjoy exile in the US and across Europe.

    Jan 10,Tehran: The plain talking president-elect of the NCRI (National Coalition of Resistance of Iran), Maryam Rajavi, took up this issue in a public message, giving a slap-down to sympathizers of Rafsanjani, a man who took office at a period following the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners, and who then remained silent about this heinous crime against humanity.

    The theocracy is nearer to collapse
    On news of President Rafsanjani’s passing, Rajavi said with it comes a positive stand in terms of bringing a modicum of internal and external equilibrium, commenting that one of the two pillars fortifying the paranoid tyrannical religiously regime for 38 years is now gone.For Rajavi, through ongoing campaigning for regime change, it is hoped that the NCRI can be the voice that is the balanced bi-partisan influence to make this happen.

    Now that Rafsanjani’s influence over the former President Rouhani may fade, we must not forget that, even though Rafsanjani in the past was credited as a supporter for economic reforms and for human rights in Iran, actually, this far from the reality!
    Rafsanjani was a close mentor to the current President, and under Rouhani’s 3 year tenure human rights in Iran have gotten worse, with Amnesty International reporting that over 3000 people were put to death between 2013-2016, with at least a further 10 in January 2017.

    Also, Rafsanjani was born into a family of wealthy Pistachio farming family, yet his reforms have done little to improve the fortunes and aspirations of normal Iranian workers. Of which his meager legacy continues under Rouhani.

    President-elect Rajavi’s hopeful message
    In a statement released on Sunday the resistance leader and president-elect Rajavi sign-posted with clear conviction the position of the NCRI, that “over the past 38 years, whether under Khomeini or afterwards, Rafsanjani played a critical role in suppression at home and export of terrorism abroad as well as in the quest to acquire nuclear weapons.”

    The death of the 4th former President of Iran, Rafsanjani, was announced officially on Sunday 8th January 2017, he died aged 82. For many he will be remembered as a pillar of the ruling elite and a force that has maintained religious oppression and capital punishment inside Iran but continued to export terrorism abroad.

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