A New Year without fire crackers in Brussels

    A New Year without fire crackers in Brussels

    Dec 30 Brussels: 2016 will not start with the usual extravagant display of  fireworks and festivities have been  in the, because of a terror alert.
    According to a statement from the  Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel the decision had been taken "given information we have received".

    Belgium has been on high alert since the terror attacks of 13 November in Paris, as several of the perpetrators are thought to have been based in Belgium. Similarly.Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur told state broadcaster RTBF: "Together with the interior minister, we've decided to not have the celebrations on Thursday evening."

    Last year 100,000 people turned out in Brussels to welcome in the New Year, Mayeur said."In these circumstances, we can't check everyone," he said, before adding that the two men arrested in the raids this week were not linked to the Paris attacks.

    The two are reported to belong to a motorbike club called the Kamikaze Riders. And, though the group is believed to be linked to Sharia4Belgium, a now disbanded radical Islamist group, a 2013 investigation found the club had no link to terrorism, Belgian TV news website De Redactie reported.

    The Oslo Times