Turkey rejects call to shutdown it’s military base in Qatar

     Turkey rejects call to shutdown it’s military base in Qatar

    June 23, ISTANBUL : Turkey rejected a call to shut down its military base in Qatar from four Arab states on Friday, saying the base was a guarantor of security in the Gulf and demands for its closure represented interference in its ties with Doha.

    Defense Minister Fikri Isik said. “he had not yet seen a request for the closure of the base, but made clear Ankara had no plans to review a 2014 agreement with Qatar which led to it being set up.” The statement came after an official from one of the four Arab states boycotting Qatar over alleged support for terrorism said they had sent Doha a list of 13 demands including closing down the military installation.

    "If there is such a demand, it will mean interference in bilateral ties," Defense Minister said. Five armored vehicles and 23 military personnel arrived in Doha on Thursday in a deployment Turkey's armed forces said was part of a military training and cooperation deal. Some 88 Turkish soldiers were already in Qatar.Turkey's presence in Qatar should be seen as a benefit for the whole Gulf. "The base in Qatar is both a Turkish base and one that will preserve the security of Qatar and the region," Isik said.

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