Norway plans to send refugees back to Russian border

     Norway plans to send refugees back to Russian border

    Jan 19, Oslo: Norway recently adopted stricter asylum policies to control the refugee population in the country. As per the policy, it has started returning some of about 5,000 refugees and migrants to Russia who entered the country through the Russian-Norwegian border last autumn.

    Dozens of asylum seekers in country’s Arctic region are resisting authorities' plans to deport them to Russia.

    Some of those fearing deportation have left the asylum centre in Vadso, near the border, where they are being housed. Their whereabouts are not known.

    About 30 asylum seekers, mostly Syrians, also went on a brief hunger strike to protest against the plan to send 55 people to Russia by bus.

    Police have been rounding up refugees due to be deported over the weekend after Russian authorities confirmed that those with valid visas to Russia could be returned to the country.

    In sharp criticism of the move, Halvor Frihagen, a Norwegian migration lawyer, said that attempts to return refugees to Russia put them at risk and contravened European Union human rights, Al Jazeera news report said.

    There is a risk of ill treatment during detention, and other risks in Russia. The plan is to deport the asylum seekers to northern Russia, where there are no asylum camps or other services to them, and the temperatures at the moment are minus 25C, media reports said.

    The Oslo Times


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