Kleptocrats Loot Iran; Intl community a silent spectator

    1456282081776.jpg By Kaveh Taheri
     Kleptocrats Loot Iran;  Intl community a silent spectator

    June 8, Tehran: Iran’s economy suffers from financial corruption through Kleptocrats since the Islamic Revolution took over the country in 1979. Iranian people wished to benefit basic rights, but they were unaware of the Kleptocrats as well as the rich-natural resources country got rule by thieves. 

    Despite that Ayatollah Khomeini had promised citizens free water and electricity, the people have faced unemployment, inflation and economic depression.

    Experts and activists believe that economic problems in Iran caused by mismanagement of governments, although, officials have repeatedly used sanctions as an excuse.

    Many educators, elites and influential directors were expelled in 80’s, who had relationship with ousted Pahlavi regime. The country faced a shortage of manpower following the expulsions. Profit-oriented came to power whose their policy has never on national benefits, rather, to enrich themselves.

    Big corruption cases were publicized in the 90’s while disputes culminated in public between officials. Al-makaseb case is one of the most controversial examples of corruption cases which finally the court closed the case and acquitted all the defendants for alleged “lack of awareness”, Entekhab.Ir said in a report titled “Big corruption cases in the past three decades”.

    In July 1998, The former Tehran mayor Gholamhossein Karbaschi was convicted of “corruption and misuse funds” and sentenced to a three-year prison term, exclusion from government jobs and fine. The case was named “the most prominent part of a campaign” by hardline clerical conservatives to thwart the reformist administration of the former President Mohammad Khatami, rather than an honest attempt to uncover financial corruption.

    Transparency International has said that Iran has fallen slightly in its global Corruption Perceptions Index ranking, From at total of 176 countries,  Iran came in at number 131.
    The officials attack their rivals as “a massive bureaucratic screw-up”, rather than an influential act to solve financial corruption.

    Iran’s officials announced that an oil drilling rig lost after spending $87 million to buy it which has never delivered, state-run agencies quoted MPs in 2015.

    The biggest embezzlement, amounting $369,840,000, Iran has ever seen since 1979 was happened in Rouhani’s administration, RAJA News reported.

    Over the last two decades, financial corruption cases have seized newspapers in Iran, trended on social media and became the subject of debate in parliament or presidential debates.

    A revolution would be ignited if this is happening elsewhere in the world, an Iranian citizen wrote on his Twitter. The candidates easily and openly accuse themselves of financial corruption and misuse funds within the last presidential debates.

    Iranian citizens participate in these elections and choose candidates because they are terrified of the hardline conservative candidates. But until the international community is dealing with the Islamic republic, not supporting the citizens, the only act of self-determination they have at their disposal is participation in the rigged election system, that we all hear about abroad.

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