'Nigeria's  4 million out of School Nomadic children face  challenges’

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    'Nigeria's  4 million out of School Nomadic children face  challenges’

    (Kaduna) Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Nomadic Education, (NCNE), Professor Rashid Aderinoye has said that Nigeria's  four million out of School Nomadic children are increasingly faced with daunting challenges in the country.

    Professor Rashid made the disclosure at Ladduga, Kachia Grazing Reserve in Kaduna during an interactive forum with community leaders and proprietors of Ladduga Innovative Business Enterprise (LIBE) under the Nomadic Education Business Development Centre (NEBDC) supported by the African Development Bank Assisted Skills Training and Vocational Education Project (ADB-STVEP).

    He said that the challenges faced by nomadic children led to the abandonment of school and infrastructure put in place due to out-migration to safer areas.

    “The nomadic education programme has witnessed an increase in enrolment in the primary and adult literacy classes from 288, at inception to 537 and the pastoralists have continued to build and rehabilitate schools, teachers and literacy instructors have continued to receive support of parents especially, in the provision of accommodation and means of transportation.

    "These positive developments are undoubtedly attributed to the commendable collective efforts of our new strategies and approaches of wide stake holder engagement, I want to call for a re-dedication to improving the dwindling fortunes of the nomads as we still have four million out of School nomadic children and their communities increasingly faced with daunting challenges.

    "These challenges include climate change, incessant conflicts, insurgency, rural banditry, lack of social nets, heightened vulnerabilities, molestation, kidnapping, animal diseases and cattle rustling leading to loss of lives, property, abandonment of schools and infrastructure due to out-migration to safer areas," he said.

    He assured the commitment of the commission to enhance support aimed at the overall development of the nomads and implored them to work together to deliver quality service of the marginalized group through improved knowledge, skills and competencies.

    on his part, Director of the Department of Social Mobilisation and Outreach, Mohammed El-Nafaty said the attainment of the objective of the project which African Development Bank (ADB) refers to as “obligations” would spur Nigeria to achieve vision 20:20:20 and the trades including dairy, livestock production, shea butter production, bee-keeping and honey processing, ICT skills development, sewing and knitting, agriculture, community animal health workers scheme and auto mechanic where selected based on the choice of the target group.”

    The District Head of Ladduga, Alhaji Suleiman Hussaini assured that the community will put into good us what has been provided for them adding that so many people are settling in the community because of the project.


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